Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Importance Of Live Streaming For Church Services

As more and more young and older people around the world are finding other things to do on Sunday's instead of going to a physical church location. It has become very important that we as "true Christians" keep the word of truth in a place where it is easily accessible to those who still want to hear what thus said the lord. As the world turns away from God for many reasons some of what maybe false teaching or those who profess to be Christians and are misleading the people. We who are the true believers, meaning we who are not professing to be Christians for vain glory and are trying our best to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is important to grab unto technology that are being used at times to spread the devil doctrines and use it for the true gospel. We know the true gospel will lift those that are spiritually down trodden and those that are at their wits end. The scriptures command us to "go ye into the world and command people to be save". We must do this thru our love for one another by caring and sharing for each other.

Because of our believe of using the latest and greatest technology to help those religious organizations that still care about spreading the true gospel to the world. We offer our portal as a reasonable solution to use the internet as a tool to reach the wounded in spirit, the broken hearted, and those that are lost in our busy world. Our website is the most economical place to stream online. The place where pastors join forces to counsel, teach, preach and reach the lost.

Our website have made streaming online for churches easy and worry free without the technical headaches, bulky encoding devices and the high cost that used to go with live streaming content online. We help religious organization live stream their church services online on our website without the extremely expensive encoders with a low cost high quality solution. Our website is optimized to generates hundreds of visitors from all over the world every month.

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